Digital marketing in ahmedabad

GrowthSpree and Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing in ahmedabad

GrowthSpree and Digital Marketing

Learn Digital Marketing courses in Ahmedabad

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What is Digital Marketing and its importance?

Are you one of those who have just heard a lot about digital marketing? Or someone who just relates digital marketing with SEO and Social Media? Well there’s a lot you need to know about digital marketing, a field that’s taken the whole nation, each industry and each business by a storm.

What is Digital?

You’ll find thousands of definitions of digital marketing and most of them are correct only. Still, we need a simple definition that one can easily grasp and understand. In simple words, digital marketing is nothing but a way of doing things using digital mediums and engaging customers in order to do business. For creating value it’s important that our prime focus should be on customers and for that, it’s essential that we implement such dynamic processes and capabilities that evolve and benefit us based on an input.

Digital Marketing helps us in creating real-time automation, customer interactivity, intelligent decision making and innovation helping us in building a customer-brand relationship. Digital is about unlocking growth now. How companies might interpret or act on that definition will vary, but having a clear understanding of what digital means allows business leaders to develop a shared vision of how it can be used to capture value. It is the re-imagining of business processes to be by default a fully online, fully automated process from end-user interaction to back-office processing, with no need for human intervention.

Why is Digital marketing important for you?

The best part about Digital Marketing is that it sheds benefits to everyone, be it a small shop owner, business organization, student, entrepreneur or a working professional from sales, HR, operations or any department.  It’s a myth that digitalizing processes will lead to reduction in the jobs in the market. Let’s go back to the early 20th century when computers were introduced and were collaborated with businesses. Many were throwing cold water on this idea. In reality, it proved to be worthful for everyone except those who resisted to change with growing time. Computer era even increased the jobs in IT hub. So, this introduction of digital in the current times is a similar situation where anyone who needs to grow has to accept and integrate it into their system.

According to Akshay Kothari, Head LinkedIn India, “Almost 10 million students graduate every year in our country. Students complain that they don’t get job. However the crazy part is, when you talk to companies they say that there aren’t enough skilled people in the market”. So, this skill gap is what needs to be focused upon. In 2017 there were 8 lakhs job for digital marketing and nearly 50% of those went unoccupied. There’s a huge demand but not enough supply in this booming field. College students today can make use of this amazing opportunity and look out at Digital Marketing as a career option.

When I talk about working professionals, promotions and increment won’t just happen. You will need to stand out from the rest of the crowd. In today’s scenario when we see businesses shifting to digitalization, they expect their employees to evolve too. No doubt there were heavy layoffs in the IT sector this year. If you can acquire these in-demand skills, there sure won’t be any stopping you. You can stand out and increase your chance of progress and promotion. Also, there’s a lot of scope to earn some extra bucks sitting at home after office hours as well.

Are you one of those who think start-up giants like OLA or OYO started off with a big round of investment from the very beginning? Each and every successful start-up in its initial days started off with a Minimum Viable Product to validate their idea. And what helped the most to execute the MVP? Yes digital marketing and automation. It’s a cost effective and the most efficient way to build business processes, target your TG and generate business. A few years ago scaling a business was a difficult and capital intensive task, but with digital business are now selling their service/product all around the globe. What is tempting is that in the last 5 years internet users have increased by 82%, so when all your TG is on the digital platform(s), businesses need to shift their focus on digital for their own growth. And it’s not just about marketing or selling the product/service. Digitalizing of business processes is a heaven for the owners.

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