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Women Entrepreneurs

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Read out about these two inspiring to-be women entrepreneurs from Ahmedabad who turned it around with their second act.

Ritu, a young mother of 5 year old easily gets irritated now a days. She regrets wasting time doing MBA from a reputed B school in India. She says, “If all I had to do was cook, clean and take my son to the park every day, why did my father insist me on studying so much.” She’s not wrong in complaining and she is not the only one. Thousands of such mothers live in regret every day, and many more have just given up as these well educated women have to give up on their careers at the altar of marriage.

Many will tell you that the empowered women can make a choice between household and career, and they by their own free will choose the former. But there is a fundamental fallacy in this argument. From their very childhood it’s drilled in the minds of the girls that their ultimate objective in life is to marry and start a happy family, they are encouraged to study hard and do college so as to land up with a better, high earning groom. So if you say it’s a choice they make happily, I say there is no choice.

That’s how our social structure has always been and has been accepted by all generations so far. The way we are conditioned; if a woman does not ensure that her home runs with clockwork precision, she is bound to feel guilty. And more often than not it is this guilt which makes her abandon many aspirations and choose an option that keeps her hearth warm and her heart seething. Our social structure ensures that with the birth of the child, it is the mother who is responsible for raising the kid while the father ill pay the bills. Fatherhood doesn’t bring even a question mark on the man’s career but with motherhood comes a big giant full stop on her career.

This is an attitudinal change which could take decades if we start now. And you can’t just change it pushing to change the thinking of people. So is there a solution? I don’t know. But what I know is that there is a way for a second act, a second career act for the women. And this is exactly what two of my “students” have achieved in the past 3 months.

One of the student, a mother of two, a BCA graduate, ex college professor and a wife of the owner of an educational institute had given up on her job to raise her kids and run a happy and healthy family. Of course she did it right and she did it well. But for years only one thing haunted her. She had studied and worked hard, and with the family coming into picture she had given up on her dreams. But who can eliminate the zeal inside a mother. A women can do what she wants and when she wants. She needed just a push to ignite this zeal and make use of her capabilities and put them into something useful. That’s when she met us at GrowthSpree. She decided to take up the challenge and learn some new skills and help contribute in her husband’s business.

Another student, a mother and wife. Her husband owns a solar company. With some support from her husband, she decided she was ready to contribute in the business. Her husband got her to meet us and he wanted her to learn digital marketing. I remember the first time I met her, she was all nervous and panicked, and she didn’t think she could learn again after all those years. But that’s the beauty of digital marketing. No pre requisites and no experience required.

So what happened finally with these two to be women intrapreneurs? They made their own responsive website, setup the hosting on AWS, with payment gateways, WhatsApp and Messenger chat option, Google Analytics, Remarketing and Facebook pixel integrated. You search for their business on Google and you’ll see their website on top of the results because they optimized it for the search engine. They are running campaigns on Facebook and Google, generating leads for their respective businesses, and have automated the email so that every lead is nurtured and finally converted.

These two “young” ladies are an inspiration. They have visited our institute almost every day to practice and learn as much as they can. You might think they wanted to prove their husbands or the rest of the world. But all they wanted was to prove themselves. Prove it that they are capable enough, prove that there is a way to raise a happy family and keep the work going. They proved it with Digital Marketing, all such mothers, wives, daughter-in-laws can learn and start following their dream sitting at home.

PS: The first mother I talked about doesn’t really want to be a part of her husband’s business, she now wants to start her own freelancing agency of digital marketing!

So what you waiting for, future woman entrepreneur?

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